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Taiwan – Credit score Score

Moody’s Buyers Service revised on September 22th 2022 Taiwan’s sovereign credit standing outlook to secure from constructive and affirmed the debt grade at Aa3, saying that the baseline stage of cross-Strait tensions has elevated, alongside rising strains within the relationship between China and the US, offsetting constructive momentum on Taiwan’s financial and financial power. The company famous that the current rise in tensions, culminating most lately with unprecedented navy workouts by China and China’s dedication towards reunification with Taiwan, is unlikely to dissipate within the foreseeable future, probably affecting financial selections and coverage effectiveness extra negatively than seen thus far or beforehand anticipated. Commonplace & Poor’s credit standing for Taiwan stands at AA+ with secure outlook. Fitch’s credit standing for Taiwan was final reported at AA with secure outlook. Generally, a credit standing is utilized by sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and different buyers to gauge the credit score worthiness of Taiwan thus having a big effect on the nation’s borrowing prices. This web page contains the federal government debt credit standing for Taiwan as reported by main credit standing businesses.

Company Score Outlook Date
Moody’s Aa3 Steady Sep 22 2022
S&P AA+ Steady Apr 29 2022
Fitch AA Steady Sep 10 2021
S&P AA Optimistic Apr 22 2021
Moody’s Aa3 Optimistic Feb 24 2021
Fitch AA- Steady Oct 12 2016
Fitch A+ Optimistic Oct 12 2015
S&P AA- Steady Jun 10 2010
S&P AA- Detrimental Apr 14 2009
S&P AA- Steady Apr 11 2008
S&P AA- Detrimental Nov 30 2004
S&P AA- Steady Dec 18 2002
Fitch A+ Steady Nov 19 2001
Fitch A+ Steady Nov 19 2001
S&P AA Detrimental Jul 26 2001
S&P AA+ Detrimental Dec 06 2000
Moody’s Aa3 Steady Mar 24 1994
S&P AA+ Steady Aug 02 1991
S&P AA Optimistic Jun 26 1989
S&P AA N/A Apr 20 1989

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